Why & how turn on/off confirmed Opt-in Autoresponder Getresponse

Here is the video – the 3rd in the Getresponse series –

“Why & how turn on/off confirmed Opt-in  Autoresponder Getresponse”

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Here is the basic text used in my video –

Why & how turn on/off confirmed Opt-in  Autoresponder Getresponse 

Open & login to Getresponse – go to webform list &

select the campaign Traffic Travis – settings – confirmed on/off – click why ?

Confirmed – requires the person filling in their details to verify them in a                                        confirmation  email sent to them – when the purpose is registration for an event,  registration for a newsletter list or where nothing is offered for free.

Unconfirmed – they have their name & email captured & receive their product directly, which is ok for e-books of any kind, as in Google PPC advertising generated leads

If Confirmed Optin is preferred – go to General settings icon at top right – select Permission – In our case we’ll check Web Subscriptions.

Message type html/plain –

The From email address is one your have verified by Getresponse – go to Account – my emails – if it’s not in the list, create a new From Field.

Message subject is either in the drop down list or you write a new one which applies to your campaign.

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