Why an Internet Marketer wants to customize the URL for a video

Here’s a video explaining why & then showing how to customize a URL …

Why an Internet Marketer wants to customize the URL for a video

as seen at Youtube – http://bit.ly/CustomiseVideoLink

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Here’s the text of the audio used in my video …

Why an Internet Marketer wants to customize the URL for a video”

When an Internet Marketer has a video to include in a News Letter or Sales Page – the more interesting it looks the better the chance the link will be clicked on to view

Lets look at how the link appears when taken from the top of the Youtube page –

From the channel page go to video Manager  – select the video you want the URL from –

At the top of the page where you see the URL – copy  & paste it into a Notepad

It looks long & uninteresting with no reference to the content of the video

Open a program  such as Bit.ly which is a reliable link shortener

Find the box into which you can paste the long original link &  paste it

See the box with the option of customizing the link & click customize

In the next popup box delete the existing letters & type in a short title of your video

I will type in “7stepsViralTraffic” – save & copy then paste it in your note pad for future use

Bit.ly also keeps stats on the numbers of viewers clicking on each link – quite a useful  tracking tool

Turn it into a clickable link & test it –

I hope that makes it more attractive to your viewers & all your videos are seen pronto

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