The Social App Tool – A Preview

Here is the Video – The Social  App Tool – A Preview 

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Rock Solid Software that
Cranks Out Apps With EASE!

The Social App Tool (SAT) isn’t another
wordpress plugin …this is a
revolutionary PLATFORM for Facebook Apps

where you can:

–> create advanced stand-alone apps.
–> Incorporate Timeline Pages,
–> Effortlessly create tabs
–> Bang out Timeline apps.
–> Create Timeline app with 2 or 3 tabs.
–> Develop Social Sharing Power Apps that
get “Likes” to your page very quickly

…and that’s just to name a few. ..

not to mention Social App Tool enables users
to develop “Social Product Launches”….
yep…you can roll out a complete launch
funnel within Facebook.


What’s makes this Software so great is
that we’ve spent a lot of money, time
and energy to make the platform as
user friendly as possible.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction
which means we have a dedicated support
team and plenty of training videos in
our members area.

The Social App Tool   – 

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