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How to Change Youtube Video Manager Appearance

Here is my Video – How to Change Youtube Video Manager Appearance

as seen at Youtube – http://bit.ly/ChangeSettings

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Here is the text for my video –  How to Change Youtube Video Manager Appearance 

I was used to seeing my Video Manager bring up a page with my videos in a vertical line & have my edit button here & statistics in this column here but after a crash, I did a systems restore & when I went back to my Video Manager I found all my videos were in a horizontal line — I found the edit button here but there were no statistics here.

I saw uploads here but when I clicked on Video Manager here, I found no improvement — I thought something drastic had happened. I found no help section in Youtube  to help rectify the problem. I went to Google to search for problems in video Manager & didn’t find anything to help me rectify the situation. I went to view & this drop down  – I didn’t find anything to help but when I clicked on this icon here, everything went back to normal & I was very pleased.

I hadn’t noticed these buttons before & when I clicked the checker board button I found all reverted to what I was concerned about & didn’t want. I went back to the button with the horizontal lines,  found all my Videos were back the way I wanted to see them in a vertical line with my edit button & my statistics — I hope this is of use to you.
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