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Create a Word Template for Composing Facebook Posts

Here is my Video – Create a Word Template for Composing Facebook Posts

As seen at Youtube – http://bit.ly/Template4FbPosts

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Here is my Text transcribed from my Video –
Create a Word Template for Composing Facebook Posts
I’m at my Social Media Traffic Page. When I was writing my Posts, I found that the editing feature for Drag & Drop didn’t work so I thought I could create a Word Document Template with the width to suit the Facebook Status writing box.
We’ll go now to Word & create a template.
I’m at a usual Word Document page with conventional margin & page width. To convert it to Facebook width I go to Page Layout & in this area here I alter the settings to suit Facebook. Facebook width is 99mm,
I move the left margin in to 6cm to get the Facebook width of 99mm.
I don’t want any spacing, drop that to zero.
I’ll paste a post here & you can see my Drag & Drop editing feature in my Word Document Template. Notice these sentences starting at the edge of the page.
I’ll copy this & go to my Facebook Page.
I’ll paste this in my status area. Notice these sentences are in the correct position – all these lines will be ending as they were in my Word Document Template.
I’m happy with that. I’ll go back to my Word Document – that looks champion.
I wish to save that now & it will come up with these same dimensions when I’m ready to write another Facebook Post.
I go to this Icon up here & move down to Save As & go to Word Template.
Here is where I put in my file name so I’ll recognize it when I’ve saved it to my Desktop – save & the job is done. Trust that is useful to you.
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