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6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic

6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic  – Video

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 6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic
1: Article Marketing
2: Press Releases
3: Pay Per Click Marketing
4: Building Backlink Campaigns
5: Social Marketing Campaigns
6: Marketing via Forums

                   Make Money by GIVING STUFF AWAY to people online
6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic

6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic
6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic
6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic



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Here is a transcription from my Video –
6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic
#1: Article Marketing
First identify what your target audience is actively looking for, the exact keywords and phrases they are using to be able to locate content on your topic.
Keep Articles slimmed down to only 300-400 words in length, short and on track,
#2: Press Releases
Your press release should be structured so it appears to be newsworthy rather than a blatant advertisement.
a single page.
A Press Release that addresses the fundamental aspect of what people are looking for (how it benefits them) will outperform any other kind.
#3: Pay Per Click Marketing
You will need a budget of at least $50 to begin advertising your website within PPC marketplaces like Google Adwords, but as long as you closely monitor your campaigns and split test your ads, you will be able to create high performance campaigns that drive in fresh, quality traffic 24 hours a day – all on complete autopilot!
#4: Building Backlink Campaigns
Search engines determine how relevant your website is not just by the NUMBER of back-links pointing to your website but by WHO is linking to you – established websites.
It?s a way for them to quickly evaluate your website and to connect it with a specific niche market. .
#5: Social Marketing Campaigns
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. With social marketing you are able to take a personal approach to connecting with your target audience and in doing so you can gain a better feel for what your audience is genuinely interested in and what motivates them into taking action.
Understanding what they value, what they dream of and what their fears are, the easier it will be for you to find and create offers that appeal to them as well as products and content that will be useful and provide value.
#6: Marketing via Forums
One of the easiest ways of generating traffic to your website while also building backlinks that will boost your search engine ranking. Not only will you be able to claim your share of traffic, but forums provide you with the opportunity to quickly build brand awareness so that you are recognized as an authority in your market.
Using Search Engines to Locate Niche Based Forums
Type – “keyword or keyword phrase” forum
“keyword or keyword phrase” message board

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6 Strategies To Generate Your Website Traffic