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How To Get More Views to your Video – Six Steps

How To Get More Views to your Video – Six Steps – Video + Good Idea
As seen at Youtube – Share –  http://bit.ly/XtraVideoViews

Brad Scott’s Instahook Video Backgrounds – Cool Video Backgrounds
Free Traffic Guide- http://www.imsocialmediatraffic.com
I’m using Brad Scott’s – Cool Video Backgrounds
tarting with a video showing people viewing fish & sharks
in a huge aquarium – followed by underwater filming
of turtles, sting rays & light shining  through water.
There are clickable links in the video to other videos
of mine which also will help to increase views to your videos.
Perhaps my next video will be showing how to create
those clickable links to other selected Youtube videos
See more backgrounds – Cool Video Backgrounds
How To Get More Views to your Video - Six Steps

Here is a transcript of my Video –
How To Get More Views to your Video – Six Steps
To Get More Views – You need to have people find, view and share your video
Step 1 – For the best title to use for your video use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find the keyword phrase that will get the most views
Step 2: – A Great Description. It’s very important that to have your website URL and also the Title key phrase close to the top
Step 3: – Transcribe the video & upload as a text Document.
Use the transcription in the description as well
Step 4:Customize a Thumbnail. Click here to see my Video as to how – http://youtu.be/pHOYoAQmTmU
Step 5 – Put annotations in the video which click to another of your videos
Show case your videos at the end. Highlight a call to Subscribe to your Channel.
Step 6 – Have great content to engage the viewer.
An appreciative viewer is one most likely to Share your video

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This last Suggestion is the Best ? To Hook more viewer engagement
I’m a fan of Brad Scott’s – Instahook Video Backgrounds
To See more, Click this link – Cool Video Backgrounds
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How To Get More Views to your Video – Six Steps