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How to create URLs to share files from your web server Cpanel

Here is my Video –
How to create URLs to share files from your
web-server Cpanel

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How to create URLs to share files from your web server Cpanel 

In my previous video, I showed how to transfer folders using Filezilla from my computer to my web server. Now I wish to create URLs for them so that I can share those files with others in my emails in my Blog posts.

We will go to my Hostgator Cpanel via File Manager & see the file I transfered “Client Info” – notice there is a gap between the 2 words which requires special handling compared with a single or run-together word.

In your document, you would write your domain name, add a forward slash then the file name if it was a single word such as “clientinfo”


but as “Client Info” is 2 words, it is necessary to add “%20” between the 2 words otherwise it won’t work. The URL is case sensitive also ….


If you don’t like seeing the %20 in the filename, all you have to do is rename the file or directory to something without spaces. Typically, this is done with dashes, underscores, or by simply not having the space in the name. Examples: Client-Info, Client_Info, ClientInfo. You would of course have to change any references such as links in your website to reflect this as well.

If I want to use the URL in my Blog, I paste the link into my post, highlight it, & create a link using the box to insert it.

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