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Create a Filezilla Server on your own computer

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Create a Filezilla Server on your own computer

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Create a Filezilla Server on your own computer

Filezilla Server is an program that allows you to set up your own free FTP server.

Today we’ll build a free open source server on your Windows PC with FileZilla for easy file transfers from any computer.

OnGoogle type in Filezilla &  Download the Filezilla server application.

If you want your FTP server on by default, choose “Start as service, started automatically (default)” as shown. Otherwise, choose “Start as service, started manually.”

Set the port for the admin interface to use. By default it’s 14147,

Set the server administrative interface to launch automatically (or not).

Run and connect to the server with the admin interface

Since the server is running on your PC—the same one the admin interface is running on—its address is localhost, or127.0.0.1. The default port is 14147

If this is the only FTP server you’ll be administering, check off the “Always connect to this server” box

Create Server Users – from the Edit menu choose Users. In the Users dialog on the right hand side, hit the Add button to create a new user and assign a password. Then, on the left side, select “Shared Folders” to set what folders that user will have access to on your server.

If you want to grant several users access to your server all with the same rights and directory access, instead of creating each one individually, set up a user group

Log into the Server – using Filezilla Client or similar – enter the server address, user name and password.

Server address – across your home network use its internal network address (eg, From the command line, type ipconfig to see what that address is. To log into your FTP server over the internet, set up a URL for it

User name and password This is your user name set up in FileZilla’s admin interface, not the server admin user name. for others, give them each a specific username and password to log in as well as the server address.

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