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Creating a Facebook Profile picture using GIMP

Here is the Video –
Creating a Facebook Profile picture using GIMP
as seen at Youtube – http://bit.ly/GimpFacebookProfile

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Creating a Facebook Profile picture using GIMP
Have some fun using GIMP
Grab a screenshot of your profile with ‘timeline’ activated
Make sure you have the images you need for the final product
In GIMP create a marquee around the biggest block (the cover), color this in Black in a new layer
Do the same for the smaller block (the profile pic) in a new layer
Scale the image you want as ‘the cover’ down so that the main part of the image you want would be in the frame but ensure that there’s about 50px of the image under this line (we’ll use this as the background for the profile pic)
Scale the image you want as the profile pic to fit in the box, then delete the background so the image’s focus is the only thing showing
Now use the colour selection tool on the biggest block to select the entire block, change to the layer with the ‘cover’ image, hide all other layers and crop the image. Save this somewhere
Use CTL/CMD + Z to go back a step so it’s not cropped
Now use the colour selection tool on the smaller block, change to the layer with ‘profile’ image and then hide all other layers except the ‘cover’ image, as your now see that the profile image fits on the cover perfectly. Scale this image to 200px by 200px (Facebook won’t let you upload this otherwise). Crop this and save this somewhere
Upload the images in the relevant places, make amendments if needed.
You can even download a FREE layered template (for Photoshop or GIMP) to use as a guideline while creating your page. Then it will be up to you to get creative and put together a great cover photo for your business page or personal profile.
It wouldn’t be Facebook without a few extra rules thrown at you. Unfortunately, these rules restrict some very effective marketing tactics that you could’ve used. Before you get too attached to your awesome Facebook cover photo idea, you should review the Facebook Page Guidelines.
Cover images are 851 x 315 pixels in size.
Profile image (portion over-top of your cover): 133 x 74 pixels.
Appears: 24 pixels from the left.
 You can download the template for use with Photoshop (.psd) or GIMP (.xcf) by clicking here.
Video demonstrated & narrated by John LeMasney

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