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10 Quick-Fix Tips For Periscope Profits

10 Quick-Fix Tips For Periscope Profits – Video

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Periscope is a live-streaming app that serves as a direct view into the lives of others
our modern, interactive, version of television :
Periscope is about the people and the community it creates.
With so many cool individuals to view and interact with on Periscope,
in the short time it has been around, “Tribes” have been created for people
to find like-minded individuals, more easily.

10 Quick-Fix Tips For Periscope Profits  By Kim Garst

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Here is a transcription from my Video –
10 Quick-Fix Tips For Periscope Profits
1. Use an attention-getting Broadcast Title that tells people what they can expect during your scope. (think great headlines!)
2. When you start your broadcast, have the camera facing something related to the topic if possible, or at least a captivating image.
3. Don’t spend the first 2-5 minutes just shouting out to your friends, or asking people where they are from.
4. Get to the content you promised in your title during the first minute.
5. Use proper framing; people want your head in the top 3rd of the video. Otherwise, once the comments come flying in they can’t see you.
6. Have an agenda, and share what your Periscopers can expect within the first 30 seconds of the broadcast
7. Recap at the end, and about every 15 minutes (especially if you see your viewer count climb because someone shared your scope). You want to reintroduce yourself. Example: Thanks to those who have just joined us, I’ve covered 3 points which you will see on the rebroadcast, this is who I am, let’s get back to it.
8. Don’t beg for hearts. Or anything for that matter…
9. Stay on and interact with questions at the end.
10. Be prepared. Know what you’re going to say before you begin. Make sure lighting, background noise, audio levels and battery life is addressed beforehand.
BONUS TIP: Watch other Scopes. Commenting and networking with other audience members will increase your following and build great relationships!
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10 Quick-Fix Tips For Periscope Profits.

4 Social Networks Ready For Your Creative Publicity

4 Social Networks Ready For Your Creative Publicity – Video

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