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5 ways To Generate Free Traffic Using Social Media

5 ways To Generate Free Traffic Using Social Media – Video

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The amount of traffic you manage to attract from social media and the level of engagement you manage to drive from it depends largely on how you structure your social media posts and the share worthiness your content.
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Here is additional text in conjunction with the Video –
5 ways To Generate Free Traffic Using Social Media
Driving conversions and traffic from social media requires a combination of tweaks to your posts, and some structural changes to your website and blog. At the same time, you need to keep a close eye on your social media stats to understand which content is performing well and how you can leverage it to increase your overall social media engagement.
If you can get this combination right, you can create sustainable stream of high converting social media traffic to your blog or website.
* Use High Conversion Keywords
* Expand Your Reach With Hashtags
Twitter, Facebook, Google+
* Use Visual Content For More Engagement
* Use Short and Concise Updates
* Create Share Worthy Blog Content
* Identify and Amplify Top Performing Content
* Use a Social Media Friendly Website Structure
How to Instantly Maximize your income with Social Media networks
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5 ways To Generate Free Traffic Using Social Media

Google Plus – 10 Marketing Action Items

Here is the full text of the Video as seen at Youtube –    http://bit.ly/GooglePlusMarketingStrategies

Plus “Harness the ferocious Power of Social Media & the Marketing Energy of Google+”

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