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How to Select your Facebook Friends for Business – Part B

Here is the Video – 
How to Select your Facebook Friends for Business – Part B
As seen at Youtube – http://bit.ly/FbBisFriendsPartB

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Here is the text which goes with the Video –
How to Select your Facebook Friends for Business – Part B
This is the continuation of Part A – Video at Youtube –  http://bit.ly/FbBusinessFriends
demonstrated & narrated by Marketing Articles
. Encourage people to interact with your business
Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising. When someone interacts with your business on Facebook it creates a story. People can see when their friends endorse your business by liking your Page or connecting with it, and it can influence their own purchasing decisions.
Encourage people to check in at your business with a sign in your shop, or by offering a special discount to people who check in.
Create events on your Page and invite people to join them.
Ask questions and create posts that encourage engagement.
Share exclusive information and offers that people are likely to want to pass along to their friends
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