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3 Tips Increase Website Traffic With Youtube : 2nd Part

3 Tips Increase Website Traffic With Youtube : 2nd Part – Video

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Traffic Tips 5, 6 & 7 Demonstrated & narrated by James Wedmore
Tip #5 – Create a Video Ad of your own to play at the end
Tip #6 – Have a Video Directory & feature eg. a free Report
Tip #7 – Display a Call To Action overlay
See my previous Video –
4 Tips to increase traffic to your website with Youtube Tips #1, 2, 3 & 4.
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James Wedmore is the “Go to” person when it comes to Video Marketing
3 Tips Increase Website Traffic With Youtube : 2nd Part

James Wedmore’s highly regarded   Video Traffic Academy
has been featured in Forbes, Entreprenuer & Social Media Examiner.
Your business will grow if you start using video and 3 Tips Increase Website Traffic With Youtube : 2nd Part today.
So to get more traffic now, start taking advantage of YouTube to drive traffic,
build your brand, generate leads & boost your revenue!
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3 Tips Increase Website Traffic With Youtube : 2nd Part

YouTube is not just about funny & entertaining videos.
It has over 1 billion members, and you can tap into this crowd to find your target customers.
James shows how to drive floods of targeted traffic to your website or blog.

This is not just your average “look at my stats” traffic, but high-converting traffic.
Basically James is going to walk you through how to profit from YouTube traffic.
Video viewers are 64% more likely to make a purchase.
Additionally – James will show you the secrets to get your videos to rank not just in YouTube,
but Google as well.
This is one of the things that 90% of businesses using video today get wrong.
Showing up on the front page of Google with a laser targeted keyword can mean
a huge difference in your results using video to market your business.
How to Instantly Maximize your income with Social Media networks
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3 Tips Increase Website Traffic With Youtube : 2nd Part