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How to Direct your affiliate Link to Any Sales Page

Here’s my video –

How to Direct your affiliate Link straight to A Clickbank Sales Page on a  sales page you’ve created

As seen at Youtube –  http://bit.ly/AffiliateURL4SalesPage

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(Text in conjunction with the Video follows further down ….)


Here’s a review of Sara Young’s  Easy Paycheck Formula 2.

How to Direct your affiliate Link to Any Sales Page

How to Direct your affiliate Link to Any Sales Page

What’s Inside?

The course includes 6 easy to follow modules, an eBook, a Quick Start guide, and excellent help desk support.
Everything is covered and no steps are left out.
There is no fluff in this course, and no hype. Everything is straight to the point. Exactly what you need to make money. No more and no less.
The modules detail the process step by step. You can watch the videos and see Sara building a campaign from scratch. Or you can read the eBook.
The Quick Start Guide is great for a fast overview and for reference once you’ve been through the course already.

The course is divided into 6 modules.
Module 1:
Here you’ll choose a winning product and good keywords. Everything is laid out very simply and Sara has gotten it down to a science. If a product (or keyword) meets the criteria that is spelled out – it is a winner. If it doesn’t – it’s not.

Module 2:
Once you pick a product and keywords, you’ll create a very quick and easy webpage on a free site. Sara explains exactly how to do this in the most effective way.

Module 3:
Once your page has been set up, Sara shows you how to make yourself look like an authority. With an absurdly simple technique you’ll attract Facebook likes, Google +1’s and lots of comments from real people.

Module 4:
Now it’s time to get traffic and buyers . IMMEDIATELY. And not from Google. Sara will show you 2 techniques she has developed to get immediate buyers to your page.

Module 5:
Time for Google traffic! Module 5 will show you some powerful links that Google loves. Very few people in the world understand how to get these links. So you’ll have a huge advantage over everyone else.

Module 6:
With just a few extra backlinks, you’ll rank well on Google and get those buyers over to your page. These are a few basic backlinking techniques, but that’s all you need once you’re done with module 5. Remember, you’ll be placing your page on a site that Google loves + getting some really powerful backlinks!

That’s it. Now all you need to do is sit back and watch the commissions come in.

Advanced notice of Sara Young’s Prelaunch – Easy Paycheck Formula 2

How to Direct your affiliate Link to Any Sales Page 


Here is the text which accompanies the video – 

How to Direct your affiliate Link straight to A Clickbank Sales Page on a  sales page you’ve created

This is for those who can create a better sales page than the merchant has provided us, who need that important affiliate link directly to the Clickbank order form. This explains the way to fabricate that link!
What are the advantages of creating your own direct link? 
Perhaps their sales page not aesthetically pleasing.
Or it has affiliate links of the owner on it. Quite inappropriate.
Or it has Google AdSense Ads on it. Hmmmmm.
Or it has links to other pages on it that could take the reader off of our sales page.
Or it has links to free offers on it.
We want only one link on the sales page – the BUY BUTTON!!!!
And we want that buy button to link directly to the Clickbank order page with our affiliate ID accompanying it.
Here’s how:
Log in to Clickbank
Select the product you want to sell.
Get a Hoplink – copy it and paste it into Notepad or other text editor.
(At the time of making this video, the Clickbank hoplinks are encrypted.)
Paste the link into your browser and press ‘Enter’ and it will convert the link to the standard format – but most importantly it will take you to the sales page you are trying to avoid! 😉
Hover over the “Buy Now” link of the product you want from the sales page and in your status bar, you will see the Product Number. Make note of that, or right-click on the buy link and copy the link to the clipboard, then paste that into your text editor. 
Now you have both the ProductID AND the MerchantID in the format productID.MerchantID.pay.clickbank.net
To get the ItemNumber, click on the “Buy Now” link. This brings it to the order page.
Select the item number from the end of the URL and copy it to the clipboard, then paste that also into your text editor.
We now will replace the appropriate items into the text below to construct our Clickbank Order Form link that we will use on our sales page for our own Buy button:
(remember, the itemNumber came from the order page. Also, note the underscore between yourID and the merchantID!)
For instance:
You cannot use the link that the merchant’s sales page took you to earlier (when you got the itemNumber) because it has a time-code and encrypted item information in it. You have to allow our “constructed” link that we’ve put together to “auto-generate” this time-coded, encrypted link for us at the time the buyer lands on the order page. It is entirely secure in https and is ssl encrypted from there on, however, so don’t worry!
(Do contact the merchant and explain that you are uncomfortable with their sales page, that you are not guaranteeing a sale, but would feel more comfortable making your own sales page.)

Demonstrated & narrated by Terry Britton


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How to Direct your affiliate Link to Any Sales Page