Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads

23 Dec’14 – Here is my Video – Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads

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    From : The Desk Of Brad Scott   Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads   Photographer / Action Man
Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads
Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads
Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads
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Here is my Transcribed Text for my video –

Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads
In a previous video, I showed how to make a custom thumbnail using Microsoft Paint & a free program called Jing.
Customise Your Video Thumbnail Using Free MS Paint
I’m at my Facebook Ads Manager Page where I was creating an Ad for these Sensational Video Backgrounds. The Thumbnail image which I’d stored in my Pictures File, was going to be used as the image for the Ad & although it looked excellent when it was first uploaded, when it was shown in the Ad Preview, all I could see when it was repositioned was the text section – the bottom & top were cut off but I managed to find a way of resizing which has given me the complete Thumbnail Text & Total view.
Here was a beautiful background image I wished to show in one of my Facebook Ads, so I took my Jing & I captured that image & saved it to my Pictures file.
Here was another beautiful image I wanted to save to my Pictures file, so with my Jing I captured that image & saved it.
I’m at my Fb Ads Manager Page where I uploaded those Thumbnail images but when I looked in the Ad Preview all I could see was the text section. The bottom & top were cut off.
This image appeared with the top cut off right through this line of text & the same thing happened with this image here, it also cut through the text.
I’ll show you how I was able to resize 6 images very quickly using Microsoft Paint.
In MS Paint, I went to the ‘rectangle’ shape & I drew a box 152 millimetres across the top & 62 mills down the side. I then took the ‘straight line’ & made a little projection in line with the side. I made a projection on each side of the bottom line – this helps me when I’m repositioning my images. I go to ‘Paste’ & ‘Paste from’ I select the image I saved.
I slide this across until the left hand corner of the image reaches the left hand corner of the box I created. I then drag the bottom right hand corner up until the sliding marker reaches the top projection I drew in & I move up until the marker is in line with my bottom projection & then I have my newly resized image within the box.
I take my Jing & I capture that image & save it to my Pictures with a name that I can recognise. I brought from my file a second image & I dragged it across likewise & I positioned it in the box with the left hand corners matching & I drew the bottom right corner up with the slider meeting the top right projection & the bottom slider meeting my bottom line projection & I captured that & saved it to my Pictures with a name that I could recognise. Here are the resized images. They’ve all come out well. Here is one sensational image & they’ve all been approved by facebook & I trust that will be useful for you too
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Resize Video Thumbnails for Fb Ads

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