How to Make your Photos Private on Fb 2015

How to Make your Photos Private on Facebook 2015 – Video

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Facebook Privacy policies have changed recently
My Video shows how easy it is now to change from
default “Public”to optional “Friends,” “Only Me” or Customise.
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How to Make your Photos Private on Fb 2015
Here is the full Transcribed Text for my video –
How to Make your Photos Private on Fb 2015
Transcript – Facebook has just made it possible to change the Privacy settings of your Fb cover photo, your Profile picture & the photos on your Timeline.
First of all click on settings. On your Settings Page look at Post Attributions & go across to Targeting & Privacy for Posts. Check that Targeting & Privacy for Posts is turned on for my Page. Click Edit if you need to check this box to allow Targeting & Privacy options & then Save Changes. Back at my Fb Page, if I wish to change the Privacy Options of my Cover Photo, I just click the Cover Photo & down at the bottom here I click Share. Here is a box which is showing Public. I’ll click the Down arrow & I’ll have More Options. I can choose Public, Friends, Only Me or Customise. The same applies if I click on my Profile Image. I click Share, I have the same options available. I click Photos. I choose this photo to click on. I see the same Share button to click. The photo is Public. I click the down button. More options, There’s Public, Friends, Only Me or customize again.
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How to Make your Photos Private on Fb 2015


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