Introducing Clickbank Trends –

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Introducing Clickbank Trends –

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Introducing Clickbank Trends –

Google – – home – is a FREE ClickBank research and analytics tool that allows ClickBank affiliates to track the performance history of the listed in Marketplace products. ClickBank affiliates can use to view the performance history of any product listed in the ClickBank Marketplace.

Promoting listed in Marketplace products without verifying their performance history can lead to wasted funds and disappointment. Many people who are just starting with ClickBank affiliate marketing fail because they start promoting ClickBank products without verifying their performance history first.


Q: What is is a completely FREE ClickBank products performance history tracking and research tool. Here is our promise: will never charge a single penny for access to the ClickBank product performance statistics.
Our mission is to provide the latest and accurate clickbank tracking/analytics information for free to all current and future ClickBank affiliates.

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Mobile Monopoly compared with Mobile Monopoly v2

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