Increase YouTube Upload Length to 20 GB or 12 Hours

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Increase Your YouTube Upload Length to 20 GB or 12 Hours 

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Increase YouTube Upload Length to 20 GB or 12 Hours 

By default, you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long. To upload longer videos, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the upload page at
  2. Click Increase your limit at the bottom of the page, or visit
  3. Follow the steps to verify your account with a mobile phone. Currently we aren’t able to offer other ways to verify your account. 

Once you’ve increased your limit, make sure you’re using an up-to-date version of your browser so you can upload files greater than 20GB.

I can’t find the “Increase your limit” link

If you can’t find the link described above, it’s possible that you may already be able to upload long videos. Check the “Unlimited Uploads” section in your Account Features page to check if the feature’s already enabled.

I’m having problems uploading a long video

If you forgot to verify your account before uploading your video, you’ll be prompted to do so after your video has finished processing. You may also see a “Rejected (length of video too long)” error in your Video Manager. (Here, click the Verify account button next to the long video.)

Once you’ve verified your account, click Activate this video in your Video Manager to publish it. Activated videos are automatically set as private videos, so make sure to check the privacy settings for your video and edit them if you’d like.

Otherwise, if you used to be able to upload long videos and no longer can, check your account for copyright claims and strikes.

You’ll only be able to upload long videos if your account is in good standing based onYouTube Community Guidelines and there aren’t any worldwide Content ID blocks on your content.

( Video demonstrated & narrated byTanUv90 )


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