How to Use Yahoo Pipes to find and organise RSS feeds

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How to Use Yahoo Pipes to find and organise RSS feeds

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Here’s an explanatory text for my Video –

Using Yahoo Pipes to find and organise RSS feeds

What is Pipes?

Pipes is a free online service that lets you remix popular feed types and create data mashups using a visual editor. You can use Pipes to run your own web projects, or publish and share your own web services without ever having to write a line of code

About Pipes

Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.

Like Unix pipes, simple commands can be combined together to create output that meets your needs:

  • combine many feeds into one, then sort, filter and translate it.
  • geocode your favorite feeds and browse the items on an interactive map.
  • power widgets/badges on your web site.
  • grab the output of any Pipes as RSS, JSON, KML, and other formats. 

Yahoo! Pipes is a web application  from Yahoo! that provides a graphical user interface for building data mashups that aggregate web feeds, web pages, and other services, creating Web-based apps from various sources, and publishing those apps. The application works by enabling users to “pipe” information from different sources and then set up rules for how that content should be modified (for example, filtering). A typical example is New York Times through Flickr a pipe which takes The New York Times RSS feed and adds a photo from Flickr based on the keywords of each item. Other than the pipe editing page, the website has a documentation page and a discussion page. Documentation page contains information about pipes, a user guide on pipe edition and a troubleshooting guide. The discussion page enables users to discuss the pipes with other Vsers.

Video demonstrated & narrated by JISC Netskills

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