How to Use SEO in Social Media Marketing

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How to Use SEO in Social Media Marketing

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“How to Use SEO in Social Media Marketing”
SEO and social media marketing shouldn’t exist in separate silos. There should be an element of SEO in all of your online activities. As social media marketing matures, it is becoming clearer and clearer that it has an impact on a site’s SEO.
This video shows a few ways you can use your
social media marketing activities to aid your SEO.
To optimize for the search engines, you should understand the basic search engine landscape…search sites, search systems, search engines, and search directories:
Search site : A search site is a website where you can search. Google’s a search site, AOL is a search site, and Yahoo! is a search site.
Search system : Many search sites get their data from other companies. Search systems are companies that create search data. For instance, Google is a search system that feeds data to AOL and many other sites.
Search engine : A search engine is a system that indexes individual pages inside websites.
Search directory : A search directory is a collection of information about particular websites. A search directory doesn’t index pages inside those sites; it just contains basic information about each site. is one of the oldest and most important search directories.
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