How to sync and safeguard your important files

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How to sync and safeguard your important files

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How to sync and safeguard your important files 

The other day somehow with no idea how it happened but a very important file of downloads just wasn’t there – I’ve got other files I’m adding to every day  which I want to safeguard also. A weekly or intermittent back up isn’t good enough because information added between backups could be lost.

So here’s how I’ve found to sync an important file with another in my external hard-drive & have them both updated simultaneously regardless of which file I’m entering the information into…

I have opened for this demonstration FileA & FileA-Sync both in the same external hard drive – each file could be on different drives eg Computer & Flash drive or even on an other networking computer.

I start a new job & find File A for the left side & find File B for the right side

I type some information in a document saved in File A

Analyse – sync – auto set up for both ways – go to FileA-Sync  & there it is.

I type some information in that document in FileA-Sync & instantaneously it’s in File A

It’s all made quick & easy with Goodsync which you can try free today with this link – – You’re bound to find GoodSync a protective asset for your files.

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