How to Restore the Volume Icon to Your Task Bar

Here is my Video – How to Restore the Volume Icon to Your Task Bar

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Here is the text I wrote for my Video –
How to Restore the Volume Icon to Your Task Bar
Last week after a Windows Update, I found my Volume Icon has disappeared from my screen. This Icon brings up the Volume Control. After looking on the web to find advice as to how to restore it & finding nothing to suit my Windows System, I worked out a way I could do it from my own laptop.
I clicked on the Start Button & typed into the All Programs box – “Volume” & at the very top of the list, there was “Show or Hide volume (speaker) icon on the Taskbar” – so I clicked on that & I found that this Volume was already on but I went to “Restore Icon default behaviour” Pressed Ok & when I went down to the right hand corner of my Taskbar, I found the Icon was already established & functioning as well as ever.
I trust that is of use to you & I hope you don’t lose your sound/volume control in the 1st place but if it does – that worked for me & I hope it does for you too.
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