How to make a GetResponse Webform Optin page for our Product – Part A

Here is the video –

How to make a  GetResponse Webform Optin page for our Product – Part A

as seen at Youtube –

Link for Traffic Travis Free download –

Getresponse introductory offer –

Here’s the text basically used in my Video –

How to make a  GetResponse Webform Optin page for our Product – Part A

Login to Getresponse autoresponder – Create campaign name – Traffic Travis

Create webform – choose the plain template & spread it wide

Open a note pad & paste in the Clickbank Hoplink we saw how to  get in the previous video

For the Header & for text to go below  go to the Traffic Travis sales page to copy a headline & text to help it

Paste it into the Note pad – Right click on Images  to get their URL – my system  gives it via Copy Image location

Paste both URLs into Note pad – copy Headline & go back to Webform

Click on form type,  then Header  – background colour red – click for edit box – from notepad copy headline & paste into box – Verdana – 6 pt – bold – center it – apply

Remove Privacy & Powered by – adjust the Name & email boxes size by clicking the Icons at top

Click Text at top – from note pad copy/paste into text box the additional sales text – select font & size arrange in right place by dragging to below the Headline

Click beside the Submit button – delete Submit & replace with a better call to action –eg OK ! I’m ready for Traffic Travis – apply – The text colour can be changed but perhaps not its background

Click Add Image at top – Go to Note pad for the 1st Image  & paste its URL into the edit box – position it,  do likewise with the other Image – apply

We’ll continue in the next Video to show how to connect this Webform up with Getresponse’s Name & Email capturing facility which has to filled in so that the Website/download is accessed when details are entered

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