How to Join StumbleUpon & Drive Traffic to your Blog/Website – Part B

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How to Join StumbleUpon & Drive Traffic to your Blog/Website – Part B

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How to Join StumbleUpon & Drive Traffic to your Blog/Website – Part B

StumbleUpon offers a way of finding websites you are most likely to enjoy.
With an account, you can select from a list of topics that matter most to you and get recommendations based on your settings. You also have the option to add a StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser so you can simply click the “Stumble” button when you find sites on your own. You can join StumbleUpon for free.

 Go to the StumbleUpon website

Click the “Join for free” button on the homepage.

Enter your personal information, including your email address, gender and birth date.

Click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page.

Click the “Connect with Facebook” button or “Validate with Captcha” link that automatically appears in the dialog window. StumbleUpon allows you to choose one of these methods to prove you are a human registering for an account rather than a spam machine. After making your selection, follow the prompts to type in the required information, then click the “Done” button when finished to complete the process of joining StumbleUpon.

How to Thumbs up a Post?

StumbleUpon’s Thumbs Up key is just like a Facebook or myspace like. By simply clicking it, you are informing StumbleUpon that you provide that stumble upon you elect.

If the publishing you thumbed up has been liked before, the Thumbs Up key will remain the same (Green Color), and you will stay on that website.

But if you are the first individual to thumb up a particular publish, it is regarded a “Discovery” and you will be moved to finish an evaluation of that publish. It is essential for every thumbed up publish to get a review, and a review pop-up is only provided after a development. So be sure to take a few minutes to level the needed areas and add tags (label) for all content that you find out.

What to Do in Stumble Upon!

1-      Share your contents on SU: Share your own contents on SU to get some hits and reviews

2-      Review others Contents: Always try to leave review on discoveries, Not only does it give other visitors a concept of what the site is about, but there is a purpose that SU catch your opinions, and It increases your popularity as a “quality” stumblers.

3-      Thumbs Down – Make sure to provide “thumbs-down” to content or webpages you do not like.  Again, this can help SU figure out the Excellency of the websites and other user, and will help your own status.

4-      Develop Your Community – find other stumblers that are just like you.  Look at your most favourite and simply select the opinions.  It will then carry up a record of all the stumblers who have liked the site as well.  Click on customers and on the right side part you can see how identical the customer is in regards to you.  Add them to your following if you select so.

5-      Stumble – Make sure to click on that stumble key and browse the web. It reveals SU that you are definitely tripping your passions. It does not harm to modify up your passions every once in a while either.

6-      Allow Stocks – Ensure that to keep the “Allow shares” choice examined on when you add a stumbler.  This will allow this customer to discuss content and webpages with you and if they add you  Back, etc.

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