How to Join Squidoo to Create an Amazon Lens

Here is my Video – How to Join Squidoo to Create an Amazon Lens

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This is the basic text used in my Video –

How to Join Squidoo to Create an Amazon Lens 

Google in – notice that Squidoo is very well up in Alexa Rankings

Go to Squidoo – Join for free

  1. From the Squidoo homepage, Make Your Profile.
  2. Click on: Build My Own Lens
  3. Select the option to create a new page.
  4. Enter a subject or topic matter for your lens.
  5. Choose the purpose of your lens from four options:

                   I’m gonna sell _________ stuff and earn $$$ from account, for me or for charity

6 .                Pick a category for your lens.

7.                Give your lens a rating — most likely G rated,

but if you are unsure there is a guide you    can refer to.

8.              Choose your best keyword and then 3 others.

The aim here is to make it easy for people to find your lens when they search.

9. Choose how to get paid from the option available:

                   I just want cash

  1. Confirm your account by entering the required details and creating password. Be sure to confirm your sign-up email before creating your page, otherwise you will not be able to publish.

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