How to download Facebook videos with Free DownVids

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“How to download Facebook videos with Free DownVids”

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Have you ever tried FaceBook ads yet?

Then take a sneek peek here ==>

With $1.5 billion spent in 2014, it’s replacing Google as the #1 traffic source…
But how does it work …and what is the best way to run Facebook ads?
Well, let’s start from the top…
Facebook has over 1 billion monthly users..
With the “FB Ad Manager”, you can reach ALL of them.
You can target based on age, location, gender…
Even education, profession and marital status…
But, MOST important of all, you can refine by fanpages the person “likes”.
For example you could advertise to everyone who likes “barrack obama”
or likes “mickey mouse”.
So basically, people like facebook fanpages,
then you can reach those people with facebook ads.
And these likes (“interests”) are VERY powerful.
It’s what makes Facebook ads so special.
For example, you could advertise only to….
* middle-aged men in hollywood, california who like yachts
* 20-30 year old CEOs living in monaco who like stock trading
* DJs who live in new york and like David Guetta…
Powerful, right?
But, here’s a new software…
That takes this targeting to the NEXT LEVEL.
It “PREDICTS” the best interests to target…
AUTOMATICALLY and BEFORE you spent ANY money!
Sounds, incredible, right?
Well the software is called GOLD DIGGER.
And if you use Facebook ads, I would definitely check it out.
Here’s a a quick peek of it:
NB: The price is expected to increase soon – so have a look NOW.
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“How to download Facebook videos with Free DownVids”
Why do you want to download a Facebook video??? May be you don’t have a reliable internet connection or you don’t have enough time to watch the video right now, or may be any case. Here is a simple way to download Facebook videos so that you can watch them when your time permits or most importantly you can watch them offline.
One of the problems with Facebook is the high rate of flux of its content. This is extremely noticeable if you have a large number of friends who are constantly updating their profiles.
Here’s the challenge: You see a video that you like, you watch it, but when you try to find it later… it has disappeared in a News Feed.
Facebook is perhaps one of the most popular social media tools of our times. We use it to connect with our friends or to post inspiring photos or videos that we want to share with others. Uploading video files to Facebook may be easy because the site has a tool that allows you to do it. But what if you see an inspiring or funny video that you want to download into your computer so you can go back to it and share it with your friends even when you’re offline? Facebook doesn’t have this feature, but there’s a powerful online tool that allows you to download Facebook videos just as easily.”
DownVids is an online service which originally allowed you to download and save Facebook videos. Now, you can also use it to download and save YouTube videos. And the best part of it is that it offers its services free of charge.
1: Go to the DownVids website at
2: Go to Facebook, and copy the link address of the video that you want to download
3: Go back to and paste the video link.
4: Click the “Download Video” button, then wait
until the process of searching for the video is finished.
5: Right click on the page, then select the option “Save as”.
6: Select file name and location where you want to save the video
7: Wait for your file to be saved in your computer.
8: Now you can watch your favorite video anytime you want.
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