How to customize your Youtube Channel

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How to customize your Youtube Channel

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How to customize your Youtube Channel
Tools used in Video demonstrated by Sara Brito Vocals :  Powerpoint and Paint
“This is an easy way to do it, for each section I used a rectangular shape and fading colours on top of the printed screen image, My template is for fixed image purposes,
If you want it to scroll you’ll want to leave the bottom with a plain colour so it will repeat without crops.”
Now that you have your YouTube Channel, it’s time to make it pretty using the customization options below.There’s been a lot of buzz around Facebook’s new Timeline layout, but the YouTube Channel design also got a recent facelift.
YouTube has taken out a lot of the customization options for non-partners, so you can no longer change the colors of links or use a transparent player. Luckily, they still allow you to add a custom background to your channel so it matches your overall brand.
Here’s how you can customize your YouTube Channel:
• Decide what you want to feature on your custom YouTube background. Like Twitter, YouTube doesn’t give you a lot of real estate to work with, so you want to choose a few graphics that represent your brand, build your credibility, and drive traffic throughout your web presence, while fitting in the template. While your YouTube background can be up to 1800 x 2980 pixels, the only space guaranteed to display properly across monitors and browsers is the narrow column to the right of the player window.
Ideas include:• business logon • tagline • free gift offer • product pictures • testimonials • links to your other social media channels • media logos (if you’ve appeared in print, online or TV)

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