How to create a Youtube playlist for Internet Marketers

After the previous post about What a Playlist is …

here is a sequential  video  – How to create a Youtube playlist

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Here’s the text of my audio in the video –

How to create a Youtube playlist

I open my Youtube Channel & go to Video Manager – Playlists

Click New Playlist – fill in Name & Description –

Title – Youtube

Description – Playlists : What & How

Create Playlist

Add Video by URL –

2 ways – 1 : Go to Where video is playing – find Video Manager – select your Video –

take URL from top of page – go back to playlist – edit – add video URL – copy into box – Add -Save

2nd – You have previously pasted the URL into Notepad – copy from there – paste into box – Add – Save

Here is my 1st video in this new Playlist

To add another video to this playlist – Go to Video manager

Click Playlist – edit – add Video by URL – go to site of the Video & take the URL from top of the page

Or go to the URL saved in Notepad – copy the URL & paste in the box

I now have 2 videos in my Youtube Playlist – What & How

I hope this is helpful in seeing How to Create a Youtube Video Playlist

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