How to Control geotagging in your Instagram photos

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How to Control geotagging in your Instagram photos

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How to Control geotagging in your Instagram photos
Instagram 3.0 will map out your geotagged photos to your followers.
To Geotag on Instagram you need to tap on the Geotag field to turn the location on. Then, you can tag all the pictures of places you like. You can also share Geotagged photos with your friends
Instagram have updated their iOS and Android apps. One of the main features being touted about the new and updated version of the app is the ability to add geolocation to your photos. This helps in better discovery of your photos and when people visit your ‘Photo Map’. Photo Map will display all the photos you have added to your map by visiting the different places of your map. You might not want to add all your photos to the Photo Map and so there is the easy ability to select or deselect which photos you do not want appearing on the map. So only photos you are comfortable with can be added to the map. Instagram has more than 80 million users and many of whom would not mind adding a location feature to their photos. This gives people who are viewing photos a better idea of there they have been taken.
Video demonstrated & narrated by Jason Cipriani of
If you’ve already uploaded photos without Geotagging them
you can go to this site to do it Manually –
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