How To Boost Facebook Posts – 5 New Features

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How To Boost Facebook Posts – 5 New Features

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How To Boost Facebook Posts – 5 New Features
To boost recent posts on your Page:
Go to any post you’ve recently created.
Click Boost Post at the bottom of your post.
Choose your audience and budget based on how many people you want to reach. You can also click More Options to select the duration of your boost or change your payment method.
Click Boost Post.
Now, with Boosted Posts, you can choose targeting options for location, gender and age.
Interests have also been added, allowing you to target people based Pages they like, keywords and closely related topics, apps they use, and any ads they’ve clicked.
Now Boosting a post is like hitting the target with a bow and arrow
You can use Facebook on a computer or from a variety of mobile phones and tablets
Boosting your post increases the likelihood that people will:
See your message in their News Feed
Respond to a discount or sales promotion
Boost an important post
On your Page, add a budget to a new or existing post so more people who like your Page and their friends see your message.
Get more views in News Feed
Showing your posts to more people in desktop and mobile News Feed will encourage likes, comments and shares.
Expand your audience
When people engage with your post, their friends may see it as a story in their own News Feed. This means you’ll reach more people.
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