How Post To Instagram Pics From Computer – Quick Steps

How Post To Instagram Pics From Computer – Quick Steps – Video

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How Post To Instagram Pics From Computer – Quick Steps
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Google Drive

Upload Photos to Instagram from Computer. this video shows step by step how to upload photos to Instagram from computer. The trick is, the use of bluestack and google drive.
If you don’t have google drive, sign up google drive first.
Just follow this video & you can upload your photos to instagram.

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How Post To Instagram Pics From Computer – Quick Steps
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“How Post To Instagram Pics From Computer – Quick Steps”
Bluestacks is the easiest to upload photos straight from your desktop!
Bluestacks is a free program, that offers the unique experience of running Android apps on your Windows or Mac desktop. It also gives you access to the complete Instagram app so you can upload photos in any size, use filters, comment, browse photos and access your account settings exactly as you would from the app on a phone.
Here are the 12 simple steps to start uploading photos
to Instagram directly from your desktop!
1. Download and install BlueStacks –
2. Once installed, click the search button (magnifying glass) in the upper-right corner of the program. Search for Instagram and install the app.
3. Instagram will now appear on your BlueStacks dashboard. Log in to your Instagram account (or create a new account).
4. In your Instagram profile, go to Options and then “Camera Settings” and uncheck “Use Instagram’s Advanced Camera”.
5. You can also go to “Share Settings” and connect your social media accounts. (For example: if you want your pictures to go to your Facebook Fan Page)
6. Now go back to the BlueStacks dashboard by clicking the Home button at the bottom of the screen. Search for “File Expert” and install the app. Open the File Expert app and have it running in the background.
7. You will then place photos you want to upload to Instagram in the My Pictures folder on your desktop computer. Create a new folder inside My Pictures where you want to keep your photos to be uploaded to Instagram. (ex: title it “Instagram Photos”)
8. Now re-open Instagram in Bluestacks and you are ready to upload photos!
9. Upload a photo by choosing Source: “Photo Gallery”. It will then ask again to pick a Source and choose “File Expert”.
10. File Expert will then open. Click the tab “Folders”. If you don’t see this tab, add it by clicking the Plus button in the upper right corner.
11. Under the tab “Folders” choose SD Card > bstfolder > Pictures. Now you should see the folder you created “Instagram Photos”.
12. Click your folder and choose the photo you want to upload. Add filters, descriptions, tags and post!
You can add more photos to your “Instagram Photos” folder and then just repeat steps 8-12 to continue uploading photos to Instagram!
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How Post To Instagram Pics From Computer – Quick Steps

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