How Manage Your New LinkedIn Endorsement Feature

How Manage Your New LinkedIn Endorsement Feature – Video

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How Manage Your New LinkedIn Endorsement Feature

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How Manage Your New LinkedIn Endorsement Feature

LinkedIn has improved their endorsement feature. Find out how you can capitalize on this new improvement to boost your search rankings and avoid getting irrelevant endorsements.
How to make the most out of LinkedIn’s Endorsement Feature Update
So LinkedIn has been getting busy. They just improved the endorsement feature to give you more control.
Endorsements now come with settings where you can control what you see and what others see.
You can also now rearrange your skills according to their importance to you and it will be also be appear in this order on your profile, regardless of how many endorsements you get for any particular skill. This also applies to the skills that are being suggested to others.
You can add up to 50 skills! Don’t worry about accidentally duplicating an entry. LinkedIn will tell you if you’ve done so.
There were a lot of complaints that people were endorsing other people for skills that were not relevant to their profile. This new improvement will certainly help to combat this problem.
Managing your endorsements is important because it affects your search ranking on LinkedIn. So if you’re looking for a job or are in the B2B environment, it’s important that you make it as easy as possible for people to find you over your competition.
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How Manage Your New LinkedIn Endorsement Feature

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