How Get a URL for an Image using your Site

How Get a URL for an Image using your Site – Video 

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How Get a URL for an Image using your Site

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You may want a URL for inserting an image or sending by email etc
Especially if it’s an image you created & therefore can’t just click it
to get it’s URL.
Rather than finding a hosting site, it could be convenient to just use
the site which you’re already paying to have hosted.
The Thumbnail image I use to demonstrate with
in my video is an interesting example &
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How Get a URL for an Image using your Site

How Get a URL for an Image using your Site
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Here is a Transcript text of my video –
How Get a URL for an Image using your Site
I’m at the dashboard of my site.
I go down the left hand column & find Media. Go across to the right & click on Add New.
I click on the Choose file button, go to my Pictures library & I’m selecting this image.
Click open. I see the image is ready to upload & I click on Upload. My image is Uploaded.
I click on it & across to the right there is my URL which I simply highlight, copy & it’s ready now for pasting where I find I wish to use it. In the meantime I’ll just open my Notepad & paste it in there for future reference.
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How Get a URL for an Image using your Site

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