How adding a transcript to their video helps Internet Marketers

Here’s the Video showing –

How adding  a transcript to their video helps Internet Marketers

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Here’s the text of the audio in the Video   ….

“How adding  a transcript to their video helps Internet Marketers”

By adding a transcript to a YouTube video, it enables a viewer to read along as the audio plays

I’m showing the transcript I uploaded for my previous video …

Perhaps it was intended mainly for deaf viewers but this transcript has all the keywords searched for by Google in addition to the tags you entered relating to the content of your video – your video is more likely to be found in Google searches by interested viewers.

In lieu of your added transcript, YouTube could have installed a transcript of what a machine has interpreted what it thinks you’re saying which can often have no similarity with your intended message esp  when  a USA machine tries to translate what I’m saying  eg “ I have eggs often ?”  Infact Americans don’t seem to know what chooks are – they’re all chickens in USA so a machine wouldn’t know that chooks lay eggs – it would say “Chooks like sex”

Here’s how to add a transcript to your video …

Firstly change into .txt file the content of your message that  you may have typed in  a Word Document which is .Doc or Docx file

That’s done by  clicking to Save as – Word Document. You’ve given your page a name but see the drop down tab on the Save as type click that & select Plain Txt  .txt

I leave it as Windows default & English – click ok

Save it to a place you can find it again – Desktop or New Folder perhaps

From your Channel, go to Video Manager & find the video you want & click Edit

Click – Upload Caption file or Transcript – Find the .txt file you saved – click open

Check Transcript file, choose your language, Track name is optional – click upload

Click “view  on video page” – click the Interactive Icon  & see the text with the times each line will be highlighted as your video plays

I hope that is useful to implement & draws more attention to  your Videos

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