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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a formal name for something that many brands do at least in part, even if they are not aware they are doing it. In its most basic form, SMO consists of such things as RSS feeds from your blog, a tweet button and Facebook “like” button. You should also be using such things as blog tags and optimized titles and meta descriptions to make your content “discoverable”.

What’s the difference between SEO and SMO?

SEO is aimed at driving traffic to a specific website, while SMO builds a web of interactions around your content. This is done via people sharing the content on multiple social networks. Done right, SMO means people will carry your content and your message beyond your site. No one is saying that SEO is less important or becoming less so compared to SMO, but you do need to have an overall strategy which encompasses both.

If your corporate blog is running on WordPress then you have tons of free plugins available to help with Social Media Optimization. With a few clicks of the mouse you can add sharing buttons to your blog and make it easier for your community members to carry your content to others.

Here’s a great list of WordPress plugins which can help with your SMO and SEO efforts.

Make it easy for people to share your content

Most people won’t go out of their way to share your content. Make sure you have social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of your posts and pages or use a slider which keeps those buttons handy for each page and post.

Be sure it’s easy for people to share content in your email marketing newsletters too! Making it intutive for people to share your content socially in your email marketing can boost CTR up to 115%! Take a look at this stunning infographic we put together to demonstrate the power of social sharing in email marketing.

Never underestimate the power of social sharing

Don’t underestimate the power of social sharing sites either. Doing so could cause unexpected and perhaps even unwanted results.

Today a regional promotion might be picked up by contest sharing sites and go viral globally. You could find yourself totally overwhelmed by the response and way in over your head such as one Canadian coffee shop chain recently.

Be sure you can deliver what you promise people!

Learn from others

Take a moment to look at how other successful brand blogs are using social media optimization. You probably have some brand which you envy for their ability to get people sharing their content via such channels as Twitter and Facebook. It’s likely you’ll see some common factors among those sites which are having success with social sharing.

So what about you?

What are you doing to leverage social media sharing in your email marketing and on your website?

Has the subject of SMO ever come up in your organization? What are you doing now and what could you be doing better?

Are you operating in a vacuum or are you looking at what your competition is doing with social media? Do you have a plan/strategy to monitor their efforts and compare them to your own?

Have you got any good SMO tips or resources you want to share?

From Director GetResponse – Jim Ducharme

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