Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales?

Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales? – Video

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Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales?

A rather cute video showing the Kitten Close & describing how well it works.
With a little ingenuity, it can be adapted profitably to closing sales
on a wide range of products.

 Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales?
Sean Donahoe – Marketing Expert, Author, Speaker – Profit Builder
 Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales?
 Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales?
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HERE IS Extra Text in conjunction with my Video –
Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales?
Closing the sale is to sales what dessert is to dinner.
It’s the sweetest part of the job that you do. And if you do it exceedingly well, then you end up with a more rewarding career and fatter wallets.
Warning: The closing technique I am going to show you would only for you if you sell products that are of great quality and would meet your prospects needs.
If your product does neither then this technique will not work and you should stop selling this product to this prospect anyway.
So here’s a particular closing technique that you can use to dramatically increase sales.
It’s called the kitten close.
So let’s imagine you sell pets and this young family goes into your pet shop and they are eyeing this kitten you have on display. They fawn over it, they say “awww it’s so cute” and their young daughter who is not any older than 8, says “mommy, daddy, can I haaaaaaaaave it? Pleeeeeeeeeeeese?” Her mother then looks at her disapprovingly and says “no” and “it’s a big responsibility” and “who’s going to take care of the cat?”
It is at this exact moment, when they are see-sawing between thinking of buying, not buying, buying, not buying that you do the kitten close.
Offer them to bring home the cat and that if the cat is too troublesome, you would drop by to their house in a week and take the cat back to the store.
And you do just that, you give them the cat and you show up at their house exactly a week later asking to take back the cat. By now, the family would have been overwhelmed with the cuteness of the kitten (cats have a way of doing that to people) and when you say you want to have it back the kid will start crying and her parents will resolve to keep this kitten because they cannot live without this cute ball of fur whom they have grown to love and cuddle and care for. Plus they’ve given your kitten a name and she’s called “Cathy”
So there you have it, the kitten close. There’s no way in the world that they are going to give you back “Cathy” now and you’ve just closed the sale.
Think about how you can do the same for the products you sell.
Can you offer the kitten close and let them try out your kitten close?
If you can, be prepared for an explosion in sales.
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Heard That A Kitten Close Makes More Sales?

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