Find the URL of a Youtube Video & Playlist 2015

Find the URL of a Youtube Video & Playlist 2015 – Video

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Find the URL of a Youtube Video & Playlist 2015

I’m at my Video Manager Page & from this selection of Videos, I’ll choose this one as a demonstration. I’ll go to the top address bar, here is the URL which I can highlight & copy & use as I wish. If you wish to get the URL for one of these videos on the side, select the title & go to the top address bar, highlight the URL & copy it just the same.
Here’s another place you can get the URL for Video from, you scroll down, click Share & then embed. You’ll find the code you can use to paste your video into your Blog & it has the URL for the in the middle here. It’s identical. I’m use an up to date version of Youtube, in which case I don’t encounter this extra suffix you might find if you’re using an older version.
Those Featured Videos used to have this suffix which you can remove completely & use the basic URL quite happily. If you’re looking at someone else’s video, you’ll find the URL 4 that video up in the top, just copy & paste it & use it. If I want a URL for one of my Playlists, from Video Manager Page I click Playlists. I scroll through my Playlists.
I select Instagram Playlist & in the top address bar I find the URL for the Playlist, copy it in total & paste it where I want someone to see it. The last Video I added to my Instagram Playlist is the video we’ve been using as a demonstration. If I click on it’s link, I bring this video from the Playlist up, it has its own individual URL & beside the Video are other videos in my Instagram Playlist.
If you wish to use the URLs I’ve shown, I trust you find the Tips & Strategies useful to you.

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Find the URL of a Youtube Video & Playlist 2015
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Find the URL of a Youtube Video & Playlist 2015

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