Find the best traffic Clickbank product using CBtrends

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Find the best traffic Clickbank product using CBtrends 

A rapid traffic product I had been promoting on my Traffic King site was no longer available so I’ve just had to go through the procedure to find a replacement – I’ll run over the way I found one with the best potential …

In Clickbank Help centre – Finding Products to Promote in the Marketplace, there is the full explanation as to all the criteria – to start with I’ll be interested in Gravity which is a calculation by Clickbank regarding a product’s performance over the past 12 weeks

Open CBtrends – Search Clickbank – ClickBank Products Finder Tool – traffic – Gravity – larger than – 19 as 20 is more or less the minimum to consider unless there are special circumstances – ascending

Traffic Travis – 1st product displayed – grav 20 – was 19.6 yesterday – view trends

50% commission – Has Recurring Products – Initial Earnings Per Sale – Average Earnings Per Sale – Rebill Amount – Percent Per Rebill – Tracking date 2007 – no flash in the pan

Looking at graphs – It’s Gaining popularity, Buyers like it, More Affiliates are selling it, it’s sold 50/50 by affiliates

Go to page 2 – Auto Mass – Losing Popularity – not liked – less affiliates – not being sold

Try 2 in the middle – eg Video Traffic Academy & Marketing Services

Both declining in potential – If we look in “top Products” – page 5 #46 there it is & it’s gone from 100 to 77 now 46 since yesterday – good sign

In top by gravity – Gsniper – some are failing – copy GSniper – paste in analytics – trends not looking good – may waste time over the long term

Now see if Traffic Travis’s website is appealing – register- confirm – option to buy Pro – go thru to free option which is a fair offer – demo – looks excellent

Go to Clickbank – market place – type in Traffic Travis – click Promote – take the hoplink & customize it with or eg tinyurl but not “” for a Clickbank product as their links aren’t accepted by Clickbank.

Copy it into a word document to test – go to the buy page & check affiliate link.

Traffic Travis is now ready to promote – give you my link in a clickable format in the description box of this video. In my next video, I’ll show how to make a webform in my autoresponder to capture the name & email of those who click that link to get Traffic Travis – becoming added to my traffic list in the process.

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