How to Email Books, Docs, Pdfs To Your Kindle

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“How to Email  Books, Docs, Pdfs To Your Kindle”
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From Brad Callen – brad callen
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Here is transcribed text for the Video –
“How to Email Books, Docs, Pdfs To Your Kindle”
Demonstrated & Narrated by C Callinsky
It’s never been so easy to send books and documents to your Kindle Via Email. With all the free novels/books out there it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.
Here is how to do it:
Go to the website to find your book download,
for example –…
Right click where it says download Kindle file
Save Link As
Save to desktop
File name rearviewmirrorkindle
File type MOBI File (.mobi)
Once saved to desktop go to Amazon
Hover over Kindle
Click on Manage You Kindle
Go to Personal Document Settings
Find Your Kindle email address
Make sure the email address you are sending the file from is on the list of approved email addresses
Go to your outside email
Attach file:
Send to your email address
Give it about five minutes
Go back to Amazon
Check Pending Deliveries. When you see your file/document you go to
Personal Documents
Click on “Actions”
Deliver to my Kindle
Go to your Kindle and sync it. You should see the document -in this case the novel- on your home page
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