Create Lens on Squidoo for Amazon product

here’s my Video – Create Lens on Squidoo for Amazon product

as seen at Youtube –

This is the text & Image link for the product demonstrated in my Video =

Magellan RoadMate 1700LM 7-Inch Portable GPS with Lifetime Maps

Here is the text basically used in my Video –

                                Amazon Products sell well on Squidoo

                    Part B – Create Lens on Squidoo for Amazon product 

Following on from Part A where it was shown how to join Squidoo we came to the action page where we will soon set up our lens to sell a chosen Amazon Product.

In a previous video I showed how to select the best product to sell –

For this exercise I’ll quickly go through the steps to find one in the Electronics Category. Excellent ranking, price over $100 & probably more longevity than the one above it.

It’s got a good brand name & specific model particulars which people are looking for when they want to buy as compared with investigating.

Copy this to put in the title of the Squidoo Lens – paste it in your notepad for now – Look at the reviews & type yours up in your note pad –

Get your affiliate link to the product as shown in a previous video & copy into your note pad.

Now go to your account which we set up in the previous video – create lens –

1 :  Put a title from your product in What’s the lens about.

2 : Topic- computers & electronics- gadgets – GPS – G rated – continue

3 : Tags – to help people find product – capture – continue

4 : I just want cash – Pay Pall address – continue

In a previous I showed how to get my Affiliate link. Put it in above & below

The 1st module will have a review which I’ve copied from my NotePad

Add image – from sales page – Right click – save image to desktop – edit – browse – upload – save

Have an Amazon & Youtube module – Reposition the modules

Add tags/keywords to help people find the product

Choose the Category & Publish

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Thought for the day … “He who laughs, lasts”

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