How to Create and Install Your Own Video Screensaver

How to Create and Install Your Own Video Screensaver  

Video as Seen at Youtube – Share –
This is made with free Windows Movie Maker
& a free Screensaver download from CNet.
I think this incredible library of videos
Brad Scott made is fun to be creative with.

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 From Photographer –   How to Create and Install Your Own Video Screensaver – Brad Scott, Action Man
      Instahook Video Backgrounds – Cool Video Backgrounds
How to Create and Install Your Own Video Screensaver
* This is the thumbnail I made up from parts of 2 Clips
* The Created screensaver plays & everything moves as
the selected clips pass thru – plenty of imaginative scope
* The other use I mentioned in the video was about
selecting from the range of aerial & time lapse videos,
the beach, forest, desert, bay, city & underwater clips
to liven up your marketing & social videos.
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Here is the Transcript for my Video –
How to Create and Install Your Own Video Screensaver
Here is a Screensaver I composed for my own laptop from a collection of beautiful Waterfall videos. In the videos I’ll show you how I created my Video Screensaver using free windows Movie Maker & Installed it with a free program downloaded from Cnet.
I’ll show you my amazing library of video Clips from Instahook from which I can select such a wide range of views for the ambience I wish to create. Amazing Aerial & time lapse videos, beach scenes & even underwater. Here are 12 aerial videos.
Here’s a collection of videos with Luscious forests, a surfing wave video, underwater shots, my collecton of Waterfall videos that I used for this screensaver today, people looking at a big aquarium with fish & sharks swimming, beautiful beach scene.
Here’s an amazing collection of of Time lapse videos, videos with city lights, night scenes, desert scenes, beautiful bays. Here is uncomplicated Windows Movie Maker.
I click here to add videos from my Instahook library. For this demonstration, I’ll hold down Control & select a series of videos & click open. Back at Windows Movie Maker I can watch these clips play through in sequence. After its run through well, I click on the blue icon at the top left & save your movie to perhaps your desktop. For your free Video Screensaver Installation Program, type in Video Screensaver & click on video Saver Cnet when it appears first in the list. Video Screensaver appears. Click on download now. You can disregard this conventional warning. Press keep & file to Downloads. After the Download Wizard has been followed, go to Control Panel & press Personalization. Down in the bottom right corner you’ll see Screensaver with RodFlash videos beneath it. Click Screensaver. In the Screensaver settings panel you’ll see Rodflash already selected. Click on settings. You’ll click on open & select the video you created a windows Movie Maker. These options can be left untouched, Language if you want it. Click ok. You’ll find it more convenient to leave this box unchecked but you can choose the number of minutes before your Screen saver appears when your laptop is idle. Press ok.
You’re all set to go now & your video screensaver will begin to play automatically after the interval you’ve set. Here’s another use you can put these Video Backgrounds to …
Instahook Video Backgrounds – Cool Video Backgrounds
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How to Create and Install Your Own Video Screensaver

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