Best Types of Content to Attract Readers Online

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Best Types of Content to Attract Readers Online 

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Best Types of Content to Attract Readers Online
3 ways to discover good content – by Dean Evans
Instead of searching for good content, let good content seek you out.

1. Follow relevant people on Twitter
Whatever niche/topic you work in, whatever interest you have, plug yourself into the latest information by following like-minded people on Twitter. Start by following publications that you already read, then dig deeper by tracking the writers who work for them. You usually get more information and insight that way.

2. Follow the followers…
Dig into the profiles of the people you’ve decided to follow to see who they follow. You can often find new websites and blogs this way, info-sources that you might never have found with a wide-angle Google search. Evaluate these new sources and then follow any that look interesting or have recently provided good content.

3. Set up Google Alerts for your keyword(s)
Setting up Google Alerts for key terms, phrases, brands, people and keywords can also expose you to new information and new sources. The downside is that there’s a lot of noise and finding good content is akin to panning for gold. But it’s there if you look hard enough.
With so much content flooding the web, it’s becoming difficult to sort the good stuff from the bad. Good content is out there. Google searches work best if you know what you’re looking for
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