5 Tips To Hugely Increase Viewers to Your Blog

5 Tips To Hugely Increase Viewers to Your Blog

Here is my Video – 5 Tips To Hugely Increase Viewers to Your Blog
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Instahook Video Backgrounds – Cool Video Backgrounds

These 5 Tips are simple to implement & will bring good improvement.
I made this video on a selection of Brad Scott’s – Cool Video Backgrounds
Before I began using these Instahook Video Backgrounds,
my video would’ve been made on the usual white page.
The tips  would be the same but not only do I have a lot of interest
in the scenery I can create, I’m thinking of how much more inclined
a viewer is likely to continue watching even if the message is not that useful?
Let me know how they appeal – do you like them or not?
Are they appropriately named as  Instahook Video Backgrounds,
which means they Instantly hook your attention?
There is a great range – forrest, beach, arial, timelapse, mountains & desert scenes.
Do yourself a favour & have a look here –  Cool Video Backgrounds
Here is the text from the video screen  for my Video –
5 Tips To Hugely Increase Viewers to Your Blog
Tip 1
Share Buttons
Widgets such as ShareAholic
Share the knowlege
Have Reddit & Stumble Upon included in the list of sites
Tip 2Test your share buttons
If you have a video in your post include a small Thumbnail image to be shared along with the video
Tip 3Time of Publishing
When are your viewers around?
3 pm in USA is a popular time
Tip 4 Titles are important
Attract viewer’s attention with a
“How to …”
or a number of Ways to get a result
Tip 5Ask for Likes & Shares
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THE NAUTICAL ORIGINS of Some Common Expressions ….
Deliver a Broadside : A broadside was the simultaneous firing of the guns
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Quite a blow, as can be imagined.
Today it means much the same type of all-out attack, though done (usually) with words.

5 Tips To Hugely Increase Viewers to Your Blog

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  1. Oumar

    These are simple yet still effective ways to gain traffic. Thanks for sharing. Another tip to add to the list would be to use optimized long tail keywords in a natural manner in your title. Things that people are searching for the most.


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