4 Tips Increase Traffic To Your Website With Youtube – 1st Part

4 Tips Increase Traffic To Your Website With Youtube – 1st Part – Video

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Increasing your views is nice, but increasing your TRAFFIC
to your blog or website is better. …much better!
The following video shows you 4 things you can do RIGHT NOW
to each and every one of your YouTube Videos to increase the
chances that your YouTube Viewers become Website VISITORS!
James Wedmore demonstrates & narrates this video
in his inimitable style – he has another 3 tips which I’ll follow up with
in my next video so each is a convenient length.

 4 Tips Increase Traffic To Your Website With Youtube – 1st Part
James Wedmore’s highly regarded Video Traffic Academy has
been featured in Forbes, Entreprenuer & Social Media Examiner.
You can start taking advantage of YouTube to drive traffic,
build your brand, generate leads & boost your revenue!
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Here is additional text for my Video –
4 Tips Increase Traffic To Your Website With Youtube – 1st Part
Traffic Tactic #1: Your Call to Action (3 ingredients)
Traffic Tactic #2: The External Link Annotation
Traffic Tactic #3: Using YouTube CARDS
Traffic Tactic #4: Your Description Link

5 Points to include in your Video Marketing Strategy
1: Publishing Schedule
Just as you time your tweets and Facebook posts to run consistently, your video marketing plan should have legs, as well. Instead of posting one video about a new product, think of your campaign in terms of a series. What type of story can you tell that will allow you to post it in multiple parts over the course of several weeks?
Once you’ve determined the content of your videos, set up a schedule. Space the videos out evenly, timing them to lead up to a big product launch or event. Continue to strategize new video campaigns that can keep your brand fresh in customers’ minds long after that big date.
2: Short-Form Videos
Social media has revolutionized the way online users communicate with each other, with short, concise statements trumping longer forms of content. Micro-video apps shorten videos to less than ten seconds, making them ideal for sharing on sites like Twitter and Instagram. In this format, customers can quickly view a message as they scroll through their social media feeds. Brands can quickly send a message that will be seen by a larger audience, especially on Vine and Facebook, where they automatically play as a user scrolls past.
3: Tutorials and Tips
One way to connect with customers is by posting tutorials relevant to your line of work. While it may seem as though you will be giving away your secrets, you’ll actually establish yourself as a subject matter expert, leading viewers to want to learn more about your business. A salon could offer styling tips, for instance, and a marketing firm could do a series on building your brand using the latest social media site.
Tutorials also provide built-in series potential. Rarely will you post just one how-to video. Provided your tips are useful, you’ll likely find customers keep coming back to see the next video in the series.
4: Customer-Generated Content
An even better way to connect with customers is to put them behind the camera.
The best thing about customer-generated content is that it will show other people’s passion for your product. When potential customers see that, they’ll want to know what all the excitement is about and possibly give your product a try.
5: Call to Action
One mistake many marketers make is in creating a great video without attaching a call to action. Customers may enjoy your message, but if they have no idea what to do after watching it, your hard work will have been for nothing.
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4 Tips Increase Traffic To Your Website With Youtube – 1st Part

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