2 Secrets of using Instagram for Business

2 Secrets of using Instagram for Business  – Video

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A quick couple of Secrets with suggestions & some good viewing as well.
I like the way these Cool Video Backgrounds add a lot of interest
to the message of getting good results from Instagram for Business.
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Here is Transcribed Text in conjunction with my Video
2 Secrets of using Instagram for Business
First secret – Instagram is all about interesting pictures,
so for your business promotion have nothing salesy.
Suggestion of what’s interesting to post –
* show how your product is made.
* Show how you got the inspiration to write your book.
* A picture of your happy customer.
* Post pictures of interesting places you travel to.
Second secret – Use Hashtags to get likes but there are better ways of using them.
* Research what’s current in your industry f
or example, #nyfw, #mbfw for New York fashion week.
* Don’t overuse them – that’s spammy.
* Instead of putting them in the Caption, Post them as a comment.
* They can later be deleted or changed.
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I used a sample of Brad Scott’s Video Backgrounds in my Video to demonstrate.
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2 Secrets of using Instagram for Business,For Social Media Traffic tips & strategies
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2 Secrets of using Instagram for Business

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