Tagging on Facebook for Business -Tips to Get More Clients

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“Tagging on Facebook for Business -Tips to Get More Clients”

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“Tagging on Facebook for Business -Tips to Get More Clients”
Tagging on Facebook, In this 3 Minute Tip you’ll find out how tagging other pages on Facebook can increase the engagement on your page, build relationships & get you more clients
Tagging on Facebook is a great technique to encourage interaction by tagging others in your updates, photos or more.
In order to do this you have to either be friends, or if you want to tag another page, you have to like their page first.
Let’s say I want to tag my friend’s Phil Squire’s page, which is Wicked Online Media.
I would write a message, for example: Having fun creating videos with Phil from @Wicked Online Media
When I want to tag his page, I start by typing the @sign and the first letter of Phil’s page, which is a «W».
Then a drop down list appears and you can select from it.
This creates a message also on the other person’s or other pages’ newsfeed and might encourage some of their friends or fans to come over and like your page.
Demonstrated & narrated by Sarah Santacroce

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