How Best to Publish your Online Magazine

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How Best to Publish your online Magazine

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Ed dale is launching his updated MagCast system 19th Aug …
Digital Publisher Blueprint

* Get in front of a network of 600 million people
who will impulsively get (with 1-click) what you
have to offer!
* Gain 1,000,000+ customers in 11 months.
* Add 7,000 email subscribers in only 3 months.
* Publish your own digital magazine.
More importantly…
374 people successfully published their first magazine.
From all walks of life, with…
– no tech experience
– no iPad/IPhone
– No Web Site
– No List
– No Budget for Marketing

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How Best to Publish your online Magazine
With the growing number of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, why limit your audience? Create content that works for everyone, no matter what technology they prefer.
Is your online magazine reaching, engaging and making money
in today’s Google and social world?
If you do it right publishing your magazine online offers many benefits:
– reaching readers that don’t know about your publication
– getting connected to Facebook and Twitter for more engaging conversation
– taking advantage of video and audio
– making sure you are compatible with smart-devices
– adding new sources of subscriber and advertising income
Video demonstrated & narrated by magazinepublishing
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