Tweetbot Creates Twitter Lists enjoyed with Flipboard

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Tweetbot Creates Twitter Lists enjoyed with Flipboard

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This video is about how you can use Tweetbot & Flipboard, both free programs,
to create & manage productive Twitter lists & then to use the list to
create an amazing personal magazine.

Ed Dale is the expert of MagCast system – extremely easy to use with
drag n drop tools to optimise your digital magazine.
Simply Upload your Magazine PDF, Optimise it by adding links,
videos, buy buttons and Publish the Issue!

Digital Publishing Blue Print is his updated version coming out 14 Aug
This has generated over 1million customers in 11 months without
using an email list & zero advertising.

Digital Publisher Blueprint

Ed Dale provides 2 videos to introduce his new version …

1 : Reach 1 million Customers

2 : How to Reach People in this Digital Age

Here is extra text to go with the Video -
Tweetbot Creates Twitter Lists enjoyed with Flipboard
This video shows you how to create and manage twitter lists using Tweetbot – which is super cool.
Then use the awesome Flipboard to use the list to create an amazing personal magazine
Twitter bot features include posting updates to twitter repeatedly and/or at specified times.
Tweets can be randomized in message and posting time and limited in TweetsPerHour,
CharsPerSecond and spacing between tweets.
The application is available in three versions, one optimized for use with iPhone and iPod Touch,
one for the Mac, with another version meant for use exclusively for iPad.
Enjoy Flipboard Magazines On the Web
Millions of people use Flipboard to read and collect the news they care about,
curating their favorite stories into their own magazines on any topic imaginable.
Anyone who creates a magazine is called its curator in Flipboard parlance and
can add other contributors to their publication.
You need a Flipboard account to start creating magazines.
Once you’re ready to share your magazine with the world and send it to someone via email,
Twitter, or Facebook, Flipboard creates a public weblink for the magazine that you can share with anyone.
On the Web, Flipboard magazines emulate the experience you’re used to seeing on your smartphone and tablet.
The magazine starts with a large, typically beautiful photograph,
and a few headlines automatically generated from articles within the collection.
Flipboard also includes a “Get the app” link on the cover of Web-based magazines
to make it easier for non-Flipboard users to download the app to their mobile devices.
Video demonstrated & narrated by Ed Dale
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