About the New Google Keyword Planner & Keyword tool

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About the New Google Keyword Planner & Keyword tool 
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About the New Google Keyword Planner & Keyword tool
In order to use the Keyword Planner, you need an Google Adwords Account. This is completely free, and anyone can open one at no charge. The Keyword Planner is located in your Adwords account. Just click on Tools & Analysis, and then on Keyword Planner. Click on Search for keywords and ad group ideas to get started. Enter your keywords separated by commas. Make sure your location is set properly. If you are targeting US residents, make sure you have United States selected. If you are targeting the entire world, make sure you have All locations selected. Click on Get Ideas to get a list of keywords with their search volume and other data. Note that the search volume is the exact match volume. That means that if you have a search volume of 6,600 for your keyword, that means that on average 6,600 people search for that exact phrase every month. -
How Keyword Planner is different from Keyword Tool (source Google Adwords Help)
With Keyword Planner, we’ve combined the functionality of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to make it easier to plan search campaigns. As you start to use Keyword Planner, you’ll likely notice some differences between Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool.
Historical search volume statistics
With Keyword Tool, we showed you statistics for broad match by default with the ability to get statistics for other match types, like phrase and exact match. With Keyword Planner, you’ll get historical statistics only for exact match. To decide what match type to use with your keywords, add the keyword idea to your plan and review the traffic estimates for each match type.
In general, you’ll notice that the average search volume data is higher in Keyword Planner as compared to the exact match search volume data you got with Keyword Tool. That’s because we’ll show you the average number of searches for a keyword idea on all devices (desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones). With Keyword Tool, we showed you average search volume for desktop and laptop computers by default.
Changes in the data columns
In Keyword Planner, you’ll notice several different data columns than those that you were used to seeing in Keyword Tool. Here are the differences:
Local monthly searches and global monthly searches: These two columns have been replaced by the “Average monthly searches” column, simplifying the search volume data you can get. The average monthly search volume is specific to your targeting settings, and you can get data for an entire country or individual cities and regions within a country. Note that you can still get global monthly search data by targeting all locations.
Ad share: This column has been removed. We’re working on a new column that will give you insight into ad impression share data.
Google Search Network: This column has been replaced by the network option within the targeting settings. To get data for the entire Search Network, select the “Google and search partners” targeting option.
Search share: This column has been retired.
Approx. CPC (Search): This column has been replaced by the “Avg. CPC” column. You’ll get more accurate data in the average cost-per-click column than you did in the approximate cost-per-click column.
Local search trends: This column doesn’t appear in the Keyword Planner interface. However, you can still get search volume trends segmented by month when you download your historical statistics from Keyword Planner.
Extracted from webpage: This column has been removed from the Keyword Planner interface. However, you can still get the webpage the keyword idea came from when you download your historical statistics from Keyword Planner. Note that you’ll only get this data when you search for keyword and ad group ideas based on a URL, like a webpage on your website.
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